Use the pretty hair extensions styling spray as a good helper. The finished styling volume doesn't have to worry even if it clip in hair extensions rains. If you are a short-haired little fairy, you want to make the hair wigs overall shape a little more playful. You can also try to add a buckle to the remy hair extensions end of the hair like the B-station up to the main meter.
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Cat Trees 51 to 75

51. Kerbl Rubin Cat Tree Kerbl Rubin Cat Tree £57.00
The Rubin features a stunning avant-garde design. Shaped almost like a figure of eight it has two large comfortable beds, twin 8cm diameter sisal scratch posts and plenty of opportunity for kitty to climb around and play. A beautiful piece of cat furniture from a top quality manufacturer and all at a budget price.
52. Carina Cat Tree Carina Cat Tree £59.90
Perfect for households that are short on room, the Carina space saving cat tree can be tucked away in a corner but still boasts plenty of features to keep puss happy. Two elevated platforms mean there is a choice of vantage points where you can lie down and snooze or for those times when you need to get away from it all there is a cozy dark den where you can escape and sleep.
53. Kerbl Creativ Cat Tree Kerbl Creativ Cat Tree £82.00
A fabulous medium sized cat tree with plenty to keep several felines amused. There are three plush dangling balls to play with, 2 snug dens for snoozing, a comfortable hammock and a luxury paw themed bed to curl up in. If that isn't enough then kitty can also play in the tunnel or explore the various platforms and there are six sisal scratching posts to boot.
54. Trixie Oviedo Cat Tree Trixie Oviedo Cat Tree £39.99
Here we have another best selling cat tree, reasonably priced and boasting loads of fun areas for kitty to enjoy. There is a horizontal tunnel above the ground floor den and several tiers providing a large choice of places to lie down and rest. This is one of my personal favourites as it offers value for money but still has plenty of features.
55. Natural Home I Cat Tree in Beige Natural Home I Cat Tree in Beige £26.99
The Natural Home I Cat Tree features a snug basket mounted on top of a sisal scratching post. Perfect for relaxing or sharpening up those claws. Two hanging toys await some pouncing and hunting action when your moggie is in the mood for playing or the luxurious top level is there for those lazy moments.
56. Coco Palm Scratching Post Coco Palm Scratching Post £14.99
Just like a real miniature coconut tree! We loved this design and it even has coconuts hanging from the top of the tree for your cat to play with. The trunk is calling out to be scratched and it will feel like you are permanently on holiday somewhere hot with this scratching post taking pride of place in the corner of your room.
57. Trixie Toadstool Cat Tree Trixie Toadstool Cat Tree £7.99
We loved the toadstool design of this cat tree with the striking red and white finish. The tree has a ball on an elasticated rope which should keep kitty amused for hours and there are another two balls hidden inside the base which can also offer somewhere to hide and sleep as well as somewhere to play.
58. Baby Coco Palm Cat Tree Baby Coco Palm Cat Tree £19.90
You can pretend to be somewhere hot and exotic with the Baby Coco Palm cat tree. It looks like a miniature palm tree and has a cozy relaxation area half way up which is ideal for snoozing in. The tree trunk has a sisal covering for scratching those claws on and there are also two toy balls to play with.
59. Oasis Cat Tree Oasis Cat Tree £19.99
As the name suggests, this cat tree will provide kitty with an oasis of calm to relax in thanks to the snug hideaway on the lower level. There are also two elevated viewing platforms for those times when you just want to lie down and take in the scenery. The compact dimensions make this ideal for anyone short on space.
60. Bear Paw Cat Tree Bear Paw Cat Tree £29.99
If you're the type who likes something unusual then check out this novelty Bear Paw design! The four platforms all have a paw design as well as being snugly finished with a raised edge to curl up against. Two dangling mice are just waiting to be toyed with and there is a choice of four sisal scratching posts to keep those claws sharp and healthy.
61. Nautilus Cat Tree in Blue and Grey Nautilus Cat Tree in Blue and Grey £14.90
A tunnel with three openings alongside a tall sisal covered scratching post complete with dangling fish toys - the purrfect place for your moggie to relax and play. The tunnel has a soft plush covering to prevent injuries when your cat is darting in and out. The grey, white and blue finish make this a stunning accessory for your pet.
62. Pharos Cat Tree Pharos Cat Tree £29.99
I love the high level viewing area on this Pharos model - it is designed to look like a paw and has a comfy raised edge making it the perfect place to have a snooze when you are finished looking out over your territory. The whole thing is covered in a lovely plush with the exception of the sisal scratch posts. The finishing touch is the hanging mouse toy which I am sure will see lots of action.
63. Orion Cat Tree Orion Cat Tree £39.99
The Orion is ceiling height but quite slimline so great for those with limited space. Kitty will love the view from the highest vantage point and there is also a hammock, a hideaway den and a second lower viewing platform. The single post that extends to the top is designed to withstand the fiercest scratch attacks.
64. Grassland Cat Tree Grassland Cat Tree £14.99
It will never feel like winter again with the budget Grassland cat tree in your home. The striking design means it resembles a pleasant meadow basking in the sunshine. It has two areas for a cat to snuggle down to rest as well as soft toys to keep them amused and a tough sisal post to scratch on.
65. Ajax Cat Tree Ajax Cat Tree £34.99
The Ajax cat tree features a lovely compact design which will fit neatly into the corner of your room. Kitty will be spoiled with a lower den boasting three entrances which is ideal for both playing and hiding away for a catnap. The first platform has a tube suspended beneath it and the top tier has a very comfortable bed with raised edges so perfect for those lazy moments when you just want to curl up and relax.
66. XXL Jumbo Scratching Post Dark Grey XXL Jumbo Scratching Post Dark Grey £27.99
A very tall and stable scratching post, suitable for large cats due to its design. The sturdy base plate has a plush covering which matches the top of the post. The post itself has a quality covering of sisal to withstand determined scratch attacks all day long. This will fit discreetly out of sight in a corner.
67. Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel in Beige Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel in Beige £69.99
This simple barrel design with three entrance holes is by Diogenes - one of the best manufacturers of cat accessories. It has three entrance holes and the interior levels are interconnected by passageways which will make for loads of fun exploring and playing around. The roof is plush covered to provide a luxury viewing platform - or maybe somewhere else to have that all important catnap.
68. Penelope Cat Tree in Dark Grey Penelope Cat Tree in Dark Grey £44.99
The Penelope is a fabulous cat tree at a shoestring budget price. There are loads of differently shaped areas at various heights for sleeping, relaxing or playing. Less mobile cats will enjoy the tunnel and bed at the bottom while those who like to climb will be spoilt for choice. This is a medium sized model so suitable for households with more than one pet.
69. Wicky Scratching Post Wicky Scratching Post £14.99
A lovely design at a budget price - the Wicky has a paw themed resting pad on top of a sisal post and a floor level archway for running under, over and just messing about with. With a luxurious plush brown finish any cat would love to have this in their home.
70. Enio Cat Tree Enio Cat Tree £11.99
If you are looking for something simple on a budget then the Enio cat tree is ideal. It features a simple, comfortable elevated platform, a dangling toy to play with and the obligatory scratching post. Ideal for any age of cat and it will fit in the smallest of rooms.
71. Trixie Valencia Cat Tree Trixie Valencia Cat Tree £22.99
This is a compact budget cat tree which offers great value for money. It has everything you need with a den, two levels for playing, climbing or resting and a dangling toy to play with. Finished all over with a funky cat paw print type design and not forgetting there are two sturdy scratch posts as well.
72. Olga Scratching Post in Beige Olga Scratching Post in Beige £9.99
This simple scratching post mounted on a sturdy base will provide kitty with their own dedicated place to scratch their claws. The post is tightly wrapped in sisal rope so should provide years of service to even the sharpest talons! The compact size makes this suitable for even the smallest space.
73. Sisal Cat Scratching Board Sisal Cat Scratching Board £5.99
Sometimes simplicity is best and if you want something your cat can scratch their claws on to save your furniture from being damaged then check out this budget scratching board. It can be mounted at any height and is very hard wearing so should provide years of service and more importantly prevent damage around the house.
74. Fish Shaped Vario Scratching Pad Fish Shaped Vario Scratching Pad £4.99
Protect your furniture by giving your cat this practical sisal scratching mat. Cats need to scratch to wear their nails down so they don't get too brittle and break or get pulled out. Often they scratch on a piece of carpet so this fish shaped mat is ideal. Just lay it on the floor and watch you cat scratch away. Doubles up as a nice place to rest as well! This could be the biggest value for money product in the hundred best cat trees.
75. Scratch Wave Scratching Post Scratch Wave Scratching Post £14.99
The Trixie Inca Scratch Wave is perfect for those who do not have a lot of room to spare. Kitty will love being able to roll and scratch on the elegant wavy pad and there is a traditional sisal post for extra claw sharpening. Finished with a luxury brown plush fabric your pet will be purring with delight and the budget price will keep your purse happy too.

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