Use the pretty hair extensions styling spray as a good helper. The finished styling volume doesn't have to worry even if it clip in hair extensions rains. If you are a short-haired little fairy, you want to make the hair wigs overall shape a little more playful. You can also try to add a buckle to the remy hair extensions end of the hair like the B-station up to the main meter.
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26. Kerbl Safari Cat Tree Kerbl Safari Cat Tree £29.00
Cats love a hunting safari and this aptly named compact cat tree embraces that theme. There are two sturdy scratch posts and these are the most important feature as they will save your furniture from getting destroyed. The ground floor hideaway doubles up as a play tunnel and kitty can choose from the curved rest platform or upper comfy bed when they need to take a well earned rest. Read the full Kerbl Safari Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
27. Diogenes Scratching Barrel in Beige Diogenes Scratching Barrel in Beige £39.99
The Diogenes Scratching Barrel features an on end barrel design with three openings for your feline friend to explore and have fun jumping in and out of. Perfect for hiding away and sleeping as well as playing and exploring. The top observation deck allows kitty to lie down and browse the area and the exterior walls are covered in sisal for scratching. Read the full Diogenes Scratching Barrel Review from Just Pet Reviews
28. Trixie Leana Cat Tree Trixie Leana Cat Tree £59.90
With an elegant and luxurious black finish the Trixie Leana is stunning as well as functional. There are two comfortable platforms for lying down or sleeping, a snug den for escaping from it all, a play ball hanging from the upper level and three scratching posts to choose from. This is ideal for homes with one or two cats to cater for.
29. Jumbo Cat Tree Jumbo Cat Tree £89.90
The Jumbo cat tree as the name suggests is very large and as it also happens to be grey like its elephant namesake. It features an unusual trip style design with three posts accommodating a snug, two hammocks, an elevated penthouse platform and several places to lie down and rest. Best of all it is very sturdy so should withstand anything its inhabitants try to do to it.
30. Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree £36.00
This is one of the best selling Kerbl cat products and you can see why, a funky design with a bargain basement price. It is designed to resemble a lounge chair incorporating two comfortable cat beds and three thick sisal scratching posts. As with all Kerbl cat trees it is made from top quality materials so should last a long time and withstand any abuse your cat throws at it. Read the full Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
31. Trixie Adiva Scratching Tree Trixie Adiva Scratching Tree £194.00
The Trixie Adiva is a substantial cat tree which will keep the average moggy amused for hours on end. A small access ladder on the ground floor means even kittens or elderly less mobile cats can make use of it. For those who are more nimble there are two dens and a pair of high open plan beds for resting in. Plenty of sisal of course for scratching and a lovely elevated play tunnel to boot.
32. Nobby Manga Cat Tree Nobby Manga Cat Tree £166.00
An unusual name but a very stylishly designed cat scratching tree. The Manga is built around a snaking curved post the lower part of which is sisal coated for scratching. There are two hideaways for getting away from it all and a total of three platforms from which pompoms with hidden bells are suspended. The hanging play tunnel with four entrances is sure to be a favourite play area.
33. Karlie Vancouver Cat Tree Karlie Vancouver Cat Tree £261.00
Here we have an aesthetically pleasing design - in fact it looks so nice you could almost have it as a piece of furniture without owning any cats! Spacious enough to accommodate several felines, there are thick sturdy scratch posts, a snug hammock, a cosy den which also has a comfy platform on top of it and lots of small toys to keep kitty amused.
34. Trixie Belorado Cat Tree Trixie Belorado Cat Tree £244.00
The Trixie Belorado is one of the taller models of cat tree so if puss loves heights then they will certainly be taken with this one. Two high level beds provide excellent vantage points to survey their territory and the lower tiers have platforms, toys to play with and a den to snooze in. There are also plenty of sisal scratching posts for keeping those claws nice and sharp.
35. Gingerbread House Cat Tree in Brown Gingerbread House Cat Tree in Brown £59.99
The Gingerbread House tree is very versatile and no cats could ever be bored with so much to do in one place. Spread over many levels there are loads of platforms, soft toys and resting areas. If you own more than one pet then you can be assured they will spend hours chasing each other up and down until they are worn out and choose a nice spot for a sleep!
36. Natural Home V Cat Tree Natural Home V Cat Tree £109.99
The Natural Home V stretches right up to the ceiling but is fairly slimline so does not take up too much floor space. Extremely stable and made from solid wood and woven water hyacinth - puss will love exploring the various levels. Play toys hang from different places and there are no less than five sisal scratch posts. The high level hammock has a lovely plush cushion and is sure to be a popular spot for a catnap.
37. Karlie Banana Leaf IV Cat Tree Karlie Banana Leaf IV Cat Tree £319.00
This ecologically friendly cat tree is made from hand woven banana leaves which make for a natural and very hard wearing finish. With a choice of two dens plus a lofty hammock there are plenty of places for your cat or cats to snuggle down for a snooze. A play tunnel, dangling rope and hanging toy under the hammock will keep them amused as well.
38. Kerbl Taunus Cat Tree Kerbl Taunus Cat Tree £93.00
The Taunus is a large, ceiling height cat tree big enough to keep a number of cats happy simultaneously. There are bags of ways to climb around and play and when it is time for a catnap there are two comfortable hammocks plus a dark comfortable den to choose from. Complete with four large scratch posts, a ladder and a dangling rope to play with.
39. Leopet KBD009/2 Cat Tree and Activity Centre Leopet KBD009/2 Cat Tree and Activity Centre £99.00
Any self respecting cat would feel privileged to have this fantastic ceiling height cat tree to play with. It comes in a choice of seven colours and patterns and has loads of scratching posts, levels, dens and beds to choose from. Your cat is guaranteed to spend hours exploring and playing with all the different features. This would be ideal if you have more than one cat in your home.
40. Trixie Arietta Cat Scratching Tree Trixie Arietta Cat Scratching Tree £161.00
The Arietta has an unusual circular design and lends itself to fitting nicely into the corner of a room. Perfect for homes with multiple feline occupants, there are three separate plush areas for relaxing or sleeping. The upper bed is around 140cm from the ground and makes a fabulous vantage point for kitty to sit and observe the world going by.
41. Pet-Star Cairo Cat Tree Pet-Star Cairo Cat Tree £171.00
This is more a cat palace than a cat tree, designed to resemble a fairytale castle complete with two turrets. Kitty will love the variety of things to do with several dens to explore, a play tunnel and lots more novel features. If your feline friend is a prince or princess then you should seriously consider treating them to this model plus it will look stunning in your home and be a real talking point with your friends.
42. Trixie Zaragoza Cat Tree Trixie Zaragoza Cat Tree £82.00
If you are looking for a ceiling height cat tree which does not take up very much floor space then you should definitely consider the Zaragoza model - it will slot unobtrusively into the corner of a room. The cosy den is reached via an access ladder which means it can be used by less mobile cats and the more sure footed felines can take advantage of the hammock and platforms which are higher up.
43. Europet Bernina  Comfort Cat Scratching Tree Europet Bernina Comfort Cat Scratching Tree £144.00
Europet create some lovely simple designs and this Bernina model is certainly no exception. Simple yet functional it has everything your cat could want with a large den with two access routes, three plush platforms and some dangling toys to play with. The neutral grey colour scheme means it should blend in with your decor and we think it would look stunning in anybody's home.
44. TecTake Dream Island Cat Tree TecTake Dream Island Cat Tree £123.00
This Dream Island is a very big cat tree and represents terrific value for money provided you have the space to accommodate it. The features include climbing ladders, play tunnels, rope toys and of course there are three hammocks plus a den and loads of places to lie down and relax after a busy session of playing around. There is ample space for multiple moggies if you have a large cat family.
45. Trixie Allora Cat Tree Trixie Allora Cat Tree £161.00
Another great design from Trixie - the Allora is ideal for multiple occupants with two hammocks, two platforms and various levels to be explored. The plush den located at the top of the access ramp provides a private space for hiding away and there is a choice of five tough sisal scratch posts.
46. Flower Cat Tree Flower Cat Tree £64.99
The Flower cat tree as the name suggests is designed to resemble a flowering plant and will look gorgeous in the corner of your living room. The thick base is a scratch pad itself so along with the sisal covered supporting post your cat will have plenty of places to sharpen their claws. Two large, soft beds provide a choice of places to snuggle down for a sleep.
47. Rapunzel Cat Tree in Dark Grey Rapunzel Cat Tree in Dark Grey £89.99
This cat tree looks more like a fairy tale castle and where else would you expect to find its namesake Rapunzel? It will take pride of place in the corner of your living room with oodles of plateaus and dens, sleeping areas and scratch posts galore. You can see why this is on the best sellers list - great value for money and the perfect gift for any well deserving cat. Read the full Rapunzel Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
48. Natural Home IV Cat Tree Natural Home IV Cat Tree £99.99
The Natural Home IV is perfect for owners with a family cats. It is made from top quality water hyacinth and wood and as you can see features numerous levels for climbing or relaxing on. All resting areas have a comfortable plus covering and there are plenty of all important sisal scratching areas too.
49. Ikaros Cat Tree Ikaros Cat Tree £44.99
A unique feature of the Ikaros cat tree is the very large curved penthouse platform. In fact it is big enough that more than one cat can snuggle up together on it. With a hollow and a den plus several posts for claw sharpening I'm sure your feline friend will love you for treating them to one of these.
50. Gingerbread XXL Cat Tree Gingerbread XXL Cat Tree £109.00
The Gingerbread XXL Cat Tree really is a super sized model and is ideal for owners with multiple pets - just make sure you have room to house it somewhere! The lucky occupants will benefit from no less then eight different tiers including a den with a curved balcony and two snuggle beds with plush raised edges for cuddling up next to. This tree has the advantage of being able to be assembled in more than one way so you can set it up as a long narrow unit along a wall if required.

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