If the CBR is in your mouth, take a small piece BELLY BUTTON RING of chewed gum or dental wax and mold it to fit in place of the bead. Keep in mind that sugary gum kept in your mouth constantly isn't good for your teeth; sugar-free gum would be better. Spicy gum like cinnamon or mint might burn against oral tissue, so go with something that isn't harsh. And don't go more than a day like this – get to the piercing shop as soon as you canDAITH EARRINGS. If you lose the ball end off of a barbell, there's a good chance that the bar will manage to wriggle its way out quickly, so wad up a piece of chewed gum or dental wax and stick it over the end ASAP. Again, it's not a healthy solution, but it should be sufficient to hold the BODY PIERCING JEWELRY in place for a day or so; until you can get to the shop and have it repaired.
100 Best Cat Trees and Cat Scratching Posts
100 Best Cat Trees Zooplus
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Cat Trees 1 to 25

1. Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree £109.99
If you like natural materials then the Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree is an obvious choice. It is made from hand woven leaves and is very sturdy and hard wearing as well as looking beautiful. Complete with two dens, various levels and a toy ball to play with, this is sure to be a success with your feline friend. Definitely one of the best cat trees you can buy. Read the full Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
2. Atlas Cat Tree in Grey Atlas Cat Tree in Grey £64.99
The Atlas is surely a contender for the Rolls Royce of cat trees. Featuring no less than eight levels, two hammocks, one hideaway and multiple posts for claw scratching. Stretching to ceiling height it will provide hours of fun for your cat with taking up too much room horizontally in your lounge. This is also a top quality product at a great price so no surprise that it is one of the best selling models on the market. Read the full Atlas Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
3. Rapunzel Cat Tree in Cream Rapunzel Cat Tree in Cream £79.99
When you hear the word Rapunzel you no doubt picture a damsel at the top of a beautiful tower - well check out the picture of this cat tree and that's what you will see. With three high turrets this is ideal if you have multiple felines to keep happy and they will love playing on the various levels and scampering up and down the access ramps. Read the full Rapunzel Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
4. Gingerbread House Cat Tree in Beige Gingerbread House Cat Tree in Beige £59.99
You will need plenty of space if you are considering purchasing the Gingerbread House Cat Tree. It is one of the best selling large models and as you can see from the picture it certainly is big. Your pet or pets will be truly spoiled for choice and will have hours of fun chasing and climbing until they are worn out and choose from one of the many comfy spots for a catnap.
5. Wildcat Cat Tree Wildcat Cat Tree £89.99
The Wildcat is a big cat tree and you will need a large corner to place it in. For well under 100 you do get some fantastic features so you can see why this is on the best cat trees list - a funky wildcat patterned finish and enough platforms, toys and places to sleep to make any moggie purr with delight!
6. Scorched Wood Cat Tree Scorched Wood Cat Tree £104.99
The Scorched Wood cat tree is made from completely natural materials and the top quality wood used has been scorched to produce a lovely finish. The den and basket are woven by hand from water hyacinth and all the soft cushions can be removed for cleaning. If you want a completely ecologically friendly present for your cat than this model must surely fit the bill.
7. La Digue Cat Tree La Digue Cat Tree £79.99
The La Digue is fit for a prince with facilities spread over four tiers. Kitty can choose from resting in the observation tower, sleeping in the den, lying on the paw print platform, playing with the rope on the two lowest platforms or perhaps chasing the suspended mouse toy at the top. One thing is for sure though - they will adore it.
8. Trixie Filippo Cat Tree Trixie Filippo Cat Tree £104.99
A versatile and stylish cat tree with four padded platforms at various heights. The base plate has rustle material hidden beneath the plush fabric and the thick sisal scratch posts are tough enough to withstand the sharpest claws. A deep hammock and plush bed provide a choice of two comfortable rest areas for taking a catnap.
9. White Tiger XXL Cat Tree White Tiger XXL Cat Tree £179.99
If you want to bring out the tiger in your cats then check out the White Tiger XXL cat tree. It is large enough to cater for several felines of all sizes and don't you just love the tiger skin style elements? The double size lower den can accommodate two and doubles up as a scratch barrel on the outside. Nimble residents will love the upper tiers especially the snug plush lined bed.
10. Bears Den Cat Tree Bears Den Cat Tree £54.99
Only the coolest cats hang out at the bear's den cat tree. It may be petite but there are 5 levels to explore and we love the paw print design on the middle tier. Puss will adore curling up in the luxurious plush bed where they can view their territory or perhaps hiding away for a snooze in the private den. This would be a good choice if you have two cats to keep amused. Read the full Bears Den Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
11. Natural Home III Cat Tree in Beige Natural Home III Cat Tree in Beige £69.99
A stunning and robust cat tree with solid wood base made from premium quality, natural materials and to an exclusive design. The spacious sleeping areas made from beautiful, woven water hyacinth are perfect for your cat to sleep and rest and the soft padding makes for additional comfort. This very good looking cat tree is suitable for large cat breeds. Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 154 cm (L x W x H)
12. Catherine Cat Tree Catherine Cat Tree £69.99
The Catherine is a space saving cat tree designed to fit nicely in a corner. Featuring several tiers with a cozy area at the base to hide away in and a top level platform where your cat can command a great view of their territory. The intermediate levels have dangling toys to play with and there are plenty of sisal covered parts for claw sharpening.
13. Little Den Scratching Post Little Den Scratching Post £49.99
The Little Den has an unusual design with a den sitting atop a scratching post. It is made from hand woven banana leaves, a completely natural material and one which also makes the product aesthetically pleasing for the owner. A toy ball hanging from a rope is just waiting to be pounced on and if that is too much hard work the den is calling you to come up and have a snooze.
14. Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel in Black Diogenes XXL Scratching Barrel in Black £69.99
With an extra large barrel design and multiple openings to be explored this is sure to go down a treat with your pet. The lofty viewing platform is luxuriously appointed and the whole thing will fit easily in the corner of the smallest room giving everyone the best of both worlds.
15. Coco Palm Cat Tree Coco Palm Cat Tree £54.99
Pretend you are living in paradise with this fantastic exotically styled palm cat tree! Your cat will never be bored with five different levels, a play tunnel and a cozy den. There are loads of surfaces for scratching and this model will look absolutely fantastic in your living room.
16. King of the Forest Cat Tree King of the Forest Cat Tree £89.99
Your cat will certainly feel like the King of the Forest if you treat them to this model of cat tree. The den area is made from bamboo and the various platforms are all crafted from wood. This is as much a piece of furniture as it is something for kitty to play with. There are a choice of places to snuggle down for a catnap and of course plenty of sisal areas to launch scratch attacks!
17. Maio Cat Tree in Beige Maio Cat Tree in Beige £79.99
Cats just love to climb, play and scratch and everything they need to do that is here in the Maio cat tree. Complete with two hammocks, an upper resting or viewing platform, a play tunnel, a den and a lower tier for those less able to climb. Not forgetting a dangling mouse to play with which is the icing on the cake.
18. Cat's Home Cat Tree Cat's Home Cat Tree £54.99
The Cat's Home is so cute that if I were small enough I would love to play with it myself! A funky striped design on the posts, a house shaped den, elevated resting plateau, a ball on a rope and all for a very reasonable price. And of course, there are also loads of areas for your moggie to sharpen their claws and practice their hunting skills.
19. Xanthos Cat Tree Xanthos Cat Tree £69.99
The Xanthos is a giant of a cat tree, soaring to ceiling height with three tall trunks housing multiple platforms and relaxation areas on their ascent. Ideal for multi cat families with two dens, two hammocks and a play tunnel alongside the various resting spots. This tree represents great value for money when you consider the amount of features you get.
20. Atlas Cat Tree in Beige Atlas Cat Tree in Beige £64.99
If you are lucky enough to have more than one cat in your household then the ceiling high Atlas cat tree would be a great choice for you. Your pets will be spoiled with two large hammocks, a comfy den to escape from the world and sleep in and multiple levels to explore and climb. This is one of the best selling models and it is easy to see why. Read the full Atlas Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
21. Trixie Alicante in Anthracite Trixie Alicante in Anthracite £49.99
With five different levels and multiple posts for scratching any cat would love to have the Trixie Alicante to play with. A cozy den provides somewhere to hide away while the higher platforms give somewhere to relax and enjoy the view. This is one of the best selling cat trees - reasonably priced with loads of areas waiting to be explored.
22. Penelope Cat Tree in Beige Penelope Cat Tree in Beige £44.99
The Penelope is a stunning cat tree which is suitable for all ages from kittens to elderly cats. With loads of areas for snoozing, playing and climbing we are sure your cat will love making this their own space. Claw sharpening is of course catered for with three large sisal covered posts.
23. Karlie Outdoor III Cat Tree Karlie Outdoor III Cat Tree £139.99
The Karlie is a sturdy and robust outdoor cat tree made from weatherproof materials designed to withstand the British climate and is ideal for a balcony, patio or garden. The dual dens are crafted from artificial woven rattan and the cushions and base plate are made of nylon with a teflon coating so they won't rip or suffer from dirt or stains.
24. Heracles Cat Tree Heracles Cat Tree £59.90
Your feline friend will truly feel like a king with the Heracles cat tree. It has loads of levels and platforms, multiple scratchings posts and several platforms with a plush finish for relaxing on. The den on the first floor is perfect for catching 40 winks and on the level below there is even a hammock to experiment with. Read the full Heracles Cat Tree Review from Just Pet Reviews
25. Paradise Duo Banana Leaf Cat Tree Paradise Duo Banana Leaf Cat Tree £129.00
This Banana Leaf cat tree makes a stunning piece of furniture. As the name suggests, it is hand made from woven banana leaves which gives it an aesthetically pleasing two tone finish. Your cats will love it too, with so many places to explore, climb and relax. The comfortable cushions can be removed and washed at up to thirty degrees.

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